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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to get in my Magic Mailer?

Tons of crazy cute things exclusive to Japan! I personally search the streets of Tokyo (and the 2 theme parks) to buy whatever is available, so every month is a mystery.

But right now, I’m offering FREE customization, so I’ll let you tell me your favorite characters and/or brands and then I’ll make sure your mailer is packed full of items featuring your faves!

Will everyone get the same stuff every month?

Nope! Each Magic Mailer is completely original. So no 2 people will receive all the stuff in a particular mailer. Sure, some people may get 1-2 of the same items (depends on what I can find), but each mailer is unique and special, just like you (aww!). 

Will you save my favorites list for a new order?

Yep! Once place an order and send over your favorites, I’ll always pull from your original list. This way, you’ll continue to receive items for the characters you like with each new order. 

How do individual items work?

In addition to my Magic Mailer, I also offer exclusive, limited-time individual items for sale on my shop.

When you place an order for an individual item, it usually takes me about a week or so to visit the store and/or parks, pick up your goods, and then ship them (depending on the day that you place your order). Because I pick up items to order (and merch here in Japan moves very, very fast!), there’s a chance that some things available for purchase on my shop may be sold out by the time I go to pick them up. When this happens, you’ll have a choice of the following 3 options: 

1. Wait for a restock.
2. Replace or exchange the item with another available item.
3. Request a refund. 

Note: I only offer refunds for sold out and/or unavailable items. I don’t offer refunds for any items I’ve already picked up for your order.

How much is shipping and how long does it take?

Shipping cost depends on the amount of items you buy and which option you choose. At the checkout, you can either choose:

1. Standard Shipping: This method takes about 2-4 weeks and doesn’t offer tracking. But it starts at $10, and is FREE when you buy 4 (or more) items.
2. EMS: This method takes about 2-5+ days, and offers tracking. This rate starts at $35, but is discounted for every item you buy, down to $20 with 4 (or more) items.

What currency is used for your shop?

All the prices on my shop are in US dollars (USD). 

Which countries do you ship to?

I ship to most international countries. If you’re unable to add your address at checkout, contact me to see if your country is available at

Will I have to pay custom charges?

For most countries, no. However, I don’t have any control over how your government handles custom charges once my mailer arrives in your country. Because of this, I can’t predict whether a charge will happen or not. I’ll do my best to ensure a charge doesn’t occur, but I can’t make any promises. Thanks for understanding!

When will I be charged every month?

Pretty simple: You’ll be charged each month on the same day that you purchased. 
For example, if you subscribed on the 15th of October. You’ll be charged again the following month on the 15th of November. Then again on the 15th of December. And so on! 

To check the date you made your purchase, check your My Account settings at the top. 

Do you take personal or custom orders?

Depends on what you’re looking for. I usually add most new and upcoming items to my shop before they release. However, if you don’t see see something you’re after, send me a message to and I’ll let you know if I can pick it up.

Are there other ways to support you outside of your shop?

There is, actually! If you’re feeling extra generous (and want to help me keep Tokyo Kawaii Club going), you can visit my Ko-fi page. Or visit my About page to leave a donation.

Are you affiliated with Disney or any other companies?

Nope! I’m just a huge fan of Disney, theme parks, and all things cute. Oh, and Japan, of course! That’s why I decided to make this move. Learn more about my journey on my About page.

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