Tokyo Kawaii Club Twitch Channel

Oh, hi! ???????? I recently started a Tokyo Kawaii Club channel on Twitch. If you’re notfamiliarwith Twitch, shame, shame, I know your name! Actually, I don’t know it, but if I did, I’d totally introduce myself (hello!) and let you know that Twitch is one of the most popularplaces on the Internetfor weirdos like myself to livestream all sorts of fun stuff. Intrigued? If so, here’sthe deetz:

    • Who: Me, duh! ????
    • What: Watch me livestream onTwitch every week to seenew merch, getpark updates, entergiveaways, and much, much more.
    • When: I’ll be streaming live on Twitch on the following day each week:
      • Wednesday at 1pmGMT+9 (Japan Time)
        • American Time: Tuesday at 9pm PDT/Wednesdayat12amEDT
        • British Time: Wednesdayat 5amBST
      • Where: On my Twitch Channel, of course: You can also catch on the replays on my YouTube channel.
      • Why?: Why not? ????

    That’s it! I hope y’all join me live on Twitch. ????