(MEGA) Episode 4: DuckTales Reboot Review + Bonus Japan Episode

Would you look at that? We're at Episode 4 of Tokyo Kawaii Club Radio. Not only that, but it's also the second MEGA episode. That means immediately after the Disney discussion, there's a special BONUS Nihon Nerd episode. And this one's special, indeed, because I interview the woman directly influenced my decision to move to Japan back in 2017: Elizabeth Mueller

But before we get to Elizabeth, Manae and I revisit DuckTales yet again. But unlike last week, we're not reviewing the old-school cartoon. Oh, no! Instead, we fast forward to recent reboot of series and review first episode of that. 

We also have our usually departments, like News of the Week. And the news we talk about is pretty HEAVY. Yes, recently the HEADS of Mickey and Minnie were CHANGED. Here's a comparison photo to see for yourself (old face is on the left and new face is on the right): 

How do we take it? Well, you'll have to listen to find out. But I'll give you a hint: NOT WELL! 

Then, after the Disney episode ends, I yap it up with my friend and fellow Japan expat Elizabeth. In addition to being a simply rad human being, Elizabeth also started her own business here in Japan. And after doing so, wrote an AMAZING blog article detailing exactly how she did it. You can read that blog here (highly recommended): http://behere.asia/making-it-in-japan. In fact, it's this very blog that inspired me to move here to Japan and start Tokyo Kawaii Club. So if you've ordered anything from here, you can thank Elizabeth for making it happen! In addition to talking about her blog, we talk about why she decided to make Japan her new home, along with a bunch of other things. Totally worth checking out! 

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See y'all next week! 

Remember: Never give up, never stop dreaming! OK, bye. 👋🏼


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