(MEGA) Episode 2: Rescue Rangers Review + Bonus Japan Episode

Oh, hi! 👋🏼Welcome to the second episode of Tokyo Kawaii Club Radio. This one is special. Not because we managed to actually record 2 (you mean this podcast is still going? Amazing!). No, it's special because this is the first MEGA EPISODE.

Yep, that means you're not only going to get a regular Disney-themed episode, but you're ALSO going to get a BONUS Japan-themed Nihon Nerd episode immediately after the Disney blabber. And I kick off my first Nihon Nerd bonus episode with my friend who's SOLELY responsible for me coming to Japan in the first place, Mark MacDonald. Hmm... I guess that means he's also responsible if my business tanks and I end up living in a Shibuya gutter begging for change. No pressure, Mark!

Like myself, Mark came to Japan from America. But unlike me, Mark has been living Japan for a LOT longer, so I talk to him about what brought him here (hint: NINJAS!). We also have another thing in common: We both used to work at the same video game magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM). I've long since left the video game industry, but Mark is still doing some awesome things in it, including hosting a podcast of his own, 8-4 Play. If you dig video games (especially Japanese ones), I recommend checking that out! 

But before we get to Mark, my co-host Manae and I review one of my favorite Disney cartoons of the late '80's, early '90's: Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers. Now apparently we reviewed the first episode (Piratsy Under The Seas), but we're not really sure. Although Manae has NEVER seen Rescue Rangers, so it's all new to her anyways. What about you? Do you remember Rescue Rangers? If not, check out the episode we reviewed below: 


That's it! Hope you enjoy the Disney episode. And remember to stick around for the Nihon Nerd episode immediately afterwards for my interview with Mark. 

If you wanna stay up-to-date with the podcast, here's how: 

See y'all next week! 

Remember: Never give up, never stop dreaming! OK, bye. 👋🏼


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