Eps 21: Tokyo DisneySea Show Review: It's Christmas Time!

Oh, hi! 👋🏼We're back with episode 21 of Tokyo Kawaii Club Radio! Last week, my co-host Manae and I reviewed the Tokyo Disneyland Christmas parade, Disney Christmas Stories. So you know what it's time for? A Hanukkah show review, of course! Did I say, "of course?" I meant, of course NOT. Doh! But that would be awesome. Instead, we reviewed the Tokyo DisneySea Christmas show, It's Christmas Time. Big surprise, this one was WAAAAAY better than the Disneyland parade. For a lot of reasons we get into.

In the episode, we also talk about the special Mickey & Minnie birthday video the TDR releases every year. You can watch this year's video here: 


Don't forget to also listen for a new store discount code, too. Hope you dig it! 

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Remember: Never give up, never stop dreaming! OK, bye. 👋🏼


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