Episode 13: Soaring: Fantastic Flight Review

Oh, hi! 👋🏼We're back with episode 13 of Tokyo Kawaii Club Radio! So, you'd think I know the correct episode numbers by now, right? Spoiler alert: WRONG! Yep, I messed them up again. Lol! In this episode, we review the brand new Soaring: Fantastic Flight attraction that recently opened at Tokyo DisneySea. Manae is a HUGE fan of this ride, so we have a lot to talk about!

Of course, we also have our other random bits about Tokyo Disney, along with a NEW discount code (listen to find out what it is!), so I hope you dig it! That's it! As always, if you wanna stay up-to-date with the podcast, here's how: 

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Remember: Never give up, never stop dreaming! OK, bye. 👋🏼


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