Episode 1: Meet Manae!

Oh, hi! 👋🏼Welcome to the first episode of Tokyo Kawaii Club Radio. In this episode, I interview my rad co-host (and Disney parks expert), Manane Nishiyama to learn more about how she became a huge fan of all things Tokyo Disney. 

Couple of key things from the interview: 

1. Mickey Doppelgänger: One of Manae's childhood Disney memories was owning a plush. Of a mouse. That, uh, sorta looked like Mickey? Here, see what you think: 

Close enough, right? Even though this mouse a fake, Manae still loved him. So be nice to her about it, OK? 

2. Tokyo Disneyland Video: Another fond memory of Manae's was watching a video highlighting the many sights and attractions of Tokyo Disneyland. After some YouTube sleuthing, she was able to find the video for all of us to enjoy. If you're a nerd like me and enjoy watching vintage footage from the parks, you're gonna LOVE this. Check out below: 

Hope you enjoy the first episode!

If you wanna stay up-to-date with the podcast, here's how: 

See y'all next week! 

Remember: Never give up, never stop dreaming! OK, bye. 👋🏼


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